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Transforming Into Harmonic Changes: Reflecting on Our Story and Looking Ahead

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Even before our big announcement that Meli Music is changing its name to Harmonic Changes, we asked our team to share their reflections on the new direction and what they are excited for! You may have already caught some of our reflections on social media, but we couldn't help but to compile all of our thoughts in one place to step back and appreciate each team member’s perspective of our team’s continuing story.

What comes to mind as you reflect on your experience with Meli Music LLC's beginnings, company growth, and future transition?

"As I reflect on my experience with Meli Music, one word comes to mind: abundance. We have been able to provide high quality services to so many people in our community. It's a true dream to continue to expand our services and to be able to support even more people through the creative arts. It's been an incredible experience to grow with Meli Music LLC, and I'm equally excited for the (harmonic) changes that are coming!"

-Laura Fonseca

"Since joining the Meli Music team in 2018 by way of serendipity, I have witnessed so many lives changed and healed because of the music services we have provided in our community.  I feel grateful to have been able to contribute to Meli Music's growth, and excited to be a part of the anticipated (harmonic) change." -Marlee Simon

What are you excited about for the changes to come?

"I didn't experience growing up with Meli Music from the beginning, but now that Meli Music is growing into Harmonic Changes, I feel privileged to be a part of the company's next chapter. I am excited for its continued positive impact on the our communities and clients we serve!" -Laura Mui

"As a new member of the team, I have already seen an incredible amount of growth in the company in even my short tenure with the team. I can only sit back and be filled with excitement as I imagine the possibilities this company has to reach even more individuals and more families." -Heather Hodorowski

A big part of our new mission statement is our goal in providing holistic therapeutic services in support of the diverse needs of every individual. What does 'holistic health and wellness' mean to you?

"Holistic health and wellness is an approach to health in a wholesome form, where the goals and treatments are focused on supporting the patient's wellbeing in all aspects, including emotional, physical, social, etc." -Marina Maiztegui

"Holistic health and wellness means looking at each part of the person (physical, social, psychological, spiritual, access, preferences) in forming an individualized plan. I believe it also puts an emphasis on a client's quality of life in all senses of the word" -Danielle Lowe

"Holistic health and wellness means building awareness between self, environment, and the spiritual parts by focusing on how does everything effect our mind and body. I believe after understanding and be aware of our mind and body as a whole, it could be a great tool to support ourselves when facing challenges." -Eileen Chen

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