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Music Therapy Ethics in Action

In any health profession, it is important to have ethical values and standards of practice. These values are the foundation of the clinical spaces we hold for our clients. At Harmonic Changes Therapy Services, our team of Board-Certified Music Therapists follows the Code of Ethics outlined by the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). The AMTA presents its code of ethics to be grounded in 8 Core Values: kindness, social responsibility, dignity/respect, equality, accountability, excellence, integrity, and courage.

Our team works diligently to abide by these values when working with clients, and in our interactions with each other. Our commitment to these values translates to our clinical practice in the following ways:

1. Kindness We are amiable, considerate, and compassionate with all those we connect with in a clinical context or otherwise. We always speak to clients with kindness and compassion.

2. Social Responsibility We commit to using our resources for the good of all and provide spaces where every person feels seen, valued, and safe. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

3. Dignity/Respect We respect and protect clients’ process, background, needs, and identity and maintain clinical boundaries. We presume competence in all clients and recognize that clients are a vital part of their treatment plan.

4. Equality We provide equitable services to all clients, taking into consideration client identity and preference. We actively combat prejudice and discrimination as a team to be better service providers for our clients and leaders in our field.

5. Accountability We own our mistakes and move on from them in a constructive way. We listen to feedback and take actionable steps to course correct as a team.

6. Excellence We maintain the highest standards of practice, incorporate varying approaches, and continue learning as a team. We provide the highest quality therapeutic experience for clients by continually learning and growing as clinicians.

7. Integrity We are honest, trustworthy, and take pride in the work that we do with clients. We provide evidence-based services provided by credentialed professionals. We adhere to the standards of practice within the fields we work in.

8. Courage We are flexible with change and accept professional growth opportunities as they come. As a team, we critically reflect on how to better provide services, how to work through challenges, and how to meet clients in the moment.

Our commitment to these standards propel us forward as a team. These values are the cornerstone of the professional commitments we make to the individuals, families, and organizations we serve.

For more detailed information about the AMTA Standards of Practice or Code of Ethics visit the American Music Therapy Association website.

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