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Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) is defined as the therapeutic application of music to cognitive, sensory, and motor dysfunctions due to neurologic disease of the human nervous system. NMT is based on a neuroscience model of music perception and production and the influence of music on function changes in nonmusical brain and behavioral functions. NMT is recognized by the world federation of neurologic rehabilitation, the European federation of neurorehabilitation societies, and the international society for clinical neuromusicology. (

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Music elements such as melody, rhythm, dynamics and timbre are used to provide powerful and complex stimulation to the cognitive processes.  NMT cognitive exercises simulate non-musical cognitive tasks within a musical structure.  Therapeutic Music Experiences can be used to address several cognitive goals including attention, memory, executive function, and sensory integration.

Group Music Therapy with Harmonic Changes Therapy Services


NMT interventions use musical elements such as melody, harmony, rhythm and dynamics to cue and support movement.  This can support goals related to coordination, range-of-motion, balance, strength, endurance, and activities of daily living.

NMT has been proven to be highly effective for gait regulation.

Individual Music Therapy with Harmonic Changes Therapy Services


NMT interventions can be used to address a range of speech and language goals including speech development, word retrieval, fluency, articulation, breath support, voicing volume, vocal inflection, and non-verbal expressive communication.

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