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The music therapists at Harmonic Changes work wonderfully with the children at our facility. It can be very difficult at times to find people who are able to work with children who are medically fragile/special needs. The therapists at Harmonic Changes were attentive and gentle with the children while still remaining engaging and encouraging. The kids are always excited when we have a visit from Harmonic Changes and we are very happy with their services!

Marine - North Hollywood, CA

L is enjoying music therapy via Skype as much as he does in person! Melissa, you have been an angel sent to us! L has been spelling words ever since he started doing it with you during music. He also sings during other activities -- both academically and for fun! It really helps him focus.

L's Mom - Chicago, IL

"I really enjoyed the music [therapy] class. Laura is excellent. She knows what she is doing and I actually learned from her to “connect” my last safe and supported place to my learning space here. Brilliant. She did excellent work with us."

Heather - Los Angeles

Melissa from Harmonic Changes has been working in our Infusion center at the cancer center for several months. Melissa is not only a talented musician and conscientious, but is compassionate and connects with our patients on a personal level. Since the introduction of Harmonic Changes, there is a noticeably lighter mood in the Infusion center on the days we have music therapy.  Melissa also offered to provide an innovative solution to our patients by being available for live and  interactive video calls during coronavirus. I highly recommend Harmonic Changes!

Danielle K. - Chicago, IL

The music therapists at Harmonic Changes are wonderful. They bring so much joy and comfort to our patients' lives. The therapists are able to work with children with different physical, cognitive, and emotional needs with care and compassion. Their services truly enhance quality of life for our patients on our palliative care program.

Hillary - Los Angeles, CA

Melissa has helped both of my parents who suffer from Dementia and isolation find joy and pleasure on the days she visits them at home! Melissa is energetic, caring, creative and clearly enjoys helping others, in addition to being a talented musician. She was open to our feedback and adjusted the type of music to best support my parents well being (which has lasting impact after she has left the apartment)! We all need someone like Melissa in our lives whose light hearted presence reminds us to let go of worries and take pleasure in the moment!

Sara S. - Chicago, IL

One really nice outcome that I believe is related to his [music therapy] sessions with you is that he has been able to watch online Vacation Bible School every morning this week. And it's all gone SO much better than I expected.  First of all, he is sitting in his chair and not running away. The FB Live is an hour, and he is tolerating about 45 minutes, which is the longest he has ever been able to sit for something on-line occurring live. All of this is a huge improvement from the online Zoom school sessions, where he would literally close the laptop halfway through and struggled to follow along. I really think the positive association you've created for him with being online and enjoying music has made such a difference in his attention and as they say in IEPs "his ability to access the curriculum." We're definitely seeing that success with attention and engagement.

K - Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and was impacted by your music therapy sessions while I was in virtual care through my treatment center.  I always wondered what we would do and I was always amazed after each session.  I still have the Playlist we made and keep adding to it.  It helps me feel connected to the other gals in the program and gives me a sense of strength and perseverance.

I also wanted you to know that the day we composed a song, I wrote the song “I Am Afraid” which was about my decision whether or not to resign from my job.  It was so helpful for me in finding clarity!  I resigned on Tuesday of this week and while my co-workers & supervisors were sad, they were supportive of me taking the time to take care of myself.  How powerful is music?!  

I so wish I could share my depth of my gratitude in (virtual) person but I was unexpectedly discharged from care yesterday.  Please know how important and meaningful your work was to me.


S - Alhambra, CA

We're worked with Melissa for years for a reason.  She's is patient, cheerful, full of ideas and really knows her stuff.  She can play and can teach a huge variety of instruments, some of which I'd never even heard of before!  She's taught my son everything from basic scales to music theory.  And she knows just how teach kids with special needs.  She's flexible and able to adapt the lesson to suit the child.  I can't recommend her highly enough, we love Melissa!

Loren D. - Pasadena, CA

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