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We're in Chicago!

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Did you know that in addition to offering services in Los Angeles, Harmonic Changes also offers services in the Chicagoland area!?

Harmonic Changes provides services--facilitated by board-certified music therapists--to a variety of locations, including: private homes, addiction and recovery facilitates, long-term assisted living and memory care facilities, pediatric clinics, and infusion centers.

Locations include:

- West as Naperville/Schaumburg

- East as the Lake

- North as Glenview

- South Orland Park

and everywhere in between!


We interviewed Harmonic Changes's CEO and Owner, Melissa Sommers, to get the scoop on all things Chicago:

What is the story behind expanding Meli Music services to the Windy City?

When I ended touring internationally to shift my focus solely on Meli Music, I realized I wanted to be closer to family. I was tired of missing yet another birthday, wedding, or get together. I grew up in the Midwest, and that is where almost all my family is; so, was a natural step to move back and land in Chicago!

Pick One: Cubs or White Sox?

Cubs! Fun fact - I have an aunt that is always wearing something Chicago Cubs-related!

Kanye West or Chance the Rapper?

Chance the Rapper.

Portillos or Lou Malnati's?

Oh, tough question. I don't like deep dish pizza nor hot beef sandwiches. I'm going to pull an 'audible' and say Manny's! I love their Beet Salad!

How has being in Chicago inspired your work as a music therapist, CEO, and business owner?

As a naturally curious person, I always love to learn; and, this is no different! Each city has its own energy and rhythm, and that informs how we relate to and interact with others. Having been in Los Angeles for 11 1/2 years, it was an adjustment to integrate into Chicago; but, I think I'm finally there. However, I do love that I still have the pulse of LA throughout the week. I think having the two different cities guide the way Meli Music provides services has been incredible for the business, for the way I provide supervision, and ultimately, for my work as a music therapist.

To find out more about Harmonic Changes Chicago services, please contact us at

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