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Connect. Inspire. Create. Grow

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Last month we announced that we will be changing our name to Harmonic Changes Therapy Services starting in January 2021. With a new name came a new look and a fresh drive to really hone into what we are about as a company and service provider to our communities. So, we came up with our new mission statement:

Harmonic Changes Therapy Services provides holistic therapeutic services in support of the diverse needs of every individual. We strive to connect, inspire, and cultivate growth through creativity.

So, what does that mean for us personally and professionally? We sat down with our team members and got a chance to hear what these words mean to them: connect, inspire, create, and grow.


"Connection with ourselves is a driving force in life. Connection with others is what enriches our life. Connection with music and the arts is what fills life."

-Melissa Sommers

"Connection builds community. Music allows an individual to connect to community regardless of ability, age, or background. This connection can facilitate change." -Heather Hodorowski


"I think of inspiration as picking up the threads of all that surrounds me, and weaving something new. It's invigorating and can bring a new perspective to whatever I am doing. When I feel inspired, it's as if nothing can hold me back."

-Laura Fonseca

"Fresh inspiration transforms my everyday mundane experience into something meaningful and full of potential. I love that music on its own and music therapy as a whole is ever-evolving, providing fresh perspective and a deeper connection to the important things in my life." -Laura Mui


"To create means to think out of the box and improvise in the moment. As a therapist, the most important thing to do in the session is to create a safe environment and to create effective musical cues in the moment to support each individual."

-Eileen Chen

"I believe creation is truly let go and allow something unique to come into being; where there are no limits or expectations, and where your mind and body are free to express and explore. It can be in all shapes and forms, and in a variety of circumstances."

-Marina Maiztegui


"To grow is to experience life with curiosity, willingness to learn, and fervor for the process. Every life experience is an opportunity for growth." -Marlee Simon

"To grow means to open yourself up to possibility and new life. Growth can be vulnerable, scary and painful, but also rewarding, needed and exciting." -Danielle Lowe

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