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Rita Boffa, MT-BC, Board-Certified Music Therapist at Harmonic Changes Therapy Services


Board-Certified Music Therapist #17601

Rita Boffa, MT-BC is a Board Certified Music Therapist. Rita received her Bachelor’s Degree In Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology from the University of Dayton in Dayton, OH. Rita is primarily a vocalist, but is also proficient in guitar, piano, percussion and ukulele.

Rita completed her Music Therapy internship and worked at a therapeutic day school for autism called Giant Steps. Here, she facilitated individual and group music therapy sessions with an NMT focus for elementary, high school, and transition students with autism. Rita has done significant work in additional settings and with a wide variety of populations and diagnoses including Alzheimer’s/ dementia, women survivors of sexual exploitation, children and adults with varying intellectual and developmental disabilities, and others.

Rita is passionate about the power of music to aid in each unique individual’s journey. She presumes competence of all people, regardless of movement or communication differences—and seeks change toward a world that is more equitable and accommodating of diverse bodies, differing abilities, and cultural backgrounds. By incorporating warmth, empathy, and authenticity into each interaction, Rita creates meaningful relationships with people of all ages and abilities.

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