• Marlee Simon, MT-BC, NMT

West Music Instrument Packs

Updated: Mar 5

We've partnered with West Music to bring you seven custom instrument packs! These instrument packs were curated by some of our team members with you and your therapeutic music needs in mind. They can be used during a special creative time you set aside for yourself (and your family), and/or during music therapy sessions!

Grab your sunnies as we introduce...

the BEACH PACK! The beach pack is our most affordable instrument pack. For just under 25 dollars (plus shipping and handling), the beach pack includes Velcro wrist bells, rhythm sticks, a tambourine, and a pair of Chiquita shakers. This is a great starter pack for adults and children of multiple abilities, including those who are working on movement and range of motion exercises!

Look up! It's...

the FOREST PACK! For just under 50 dollars (plus shipping and handling), the forest pack includes a cabasa, a woodblock, rhythm sticks, and a castanet! This pack is also a great starter pack, especially for those who want to show off their rhythmic skills and coordination with natural, wooden instruments!

Let's go under the sea with,,,

the OCEAN PACK! The ocean pack includes an ocean drum, a rain stick, and a pair of Chiquita shakers. It will support you in creating soothing, water-like sounds with a little rhythmic flare! If you are someone who enjoys the sound of the ocean and/or the rain, this pack is for you.

Time to find some shade with...

the DESERT PACK! The desert pack includes a frame drum, a guiro, a cabasa, and a pair of Chiquita shakers! Enjoy the variety of sounds and textures to integrate your senses while you channel those tranquil, desert vibes!