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Sound Birthing 101

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Thank you all for joining us in our second Open Studio. And thank you to those taking a few minutes to read this! During the open studio I provided an overview on the various forms of support Music Therapy can provide to an expectant mother, from prenatal support all the way to postpartum.

I have completed all 5 trainings through Sound Birthing MusicTM designed by the wonderful Dr. Mary DiCamillo. Each training highlights the research and expertise of a multitude of professionals in the birthing community as well as infant/child development. A brief introduction to each of the five services was provided during our open studio.


The first service we discussed was prenatal music therapy.

The time to start bonding with your baby begins before they are born! Research continues to show how much babies remember after they are born, especially recognizing their mother’s voice over other women’s voices, recognizing songs that were sung in utero, and sometimes even remembering life events that happened to the mother while they were in utero. Incorporating music therapy during this important time can help support bonding with your baby, working through traumas that mother or co-parent may have, integrating music throughout your day to help establish a routine for after the baby is born, and so much more!

The second service that I briefly introduced was Creative Arts Birthing Workshop.

This is a comprehensive 8-week group geared towards preparing the mother and co-parent for their new baby! Each week focuses on a different aspect of the labor and delivery through various expressive arts experiences. These include mandalas, imagery, movement, toning and vocalizing, collaging and more! The goal of the group is to connect together as a new family and explore all the various ways to integrate the art within the labor and delivery experience!

Next, we discussed the 2 different services available for supporting the labor and delivery. During COVID times, Sound Birthing Consultation continues to be very accessible and supportive, and telehealth services are now being integrated with Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth. The biggest difference between these two services is the presence of a music therapist during the labor and delivery or not. With MTACB, the music therapist is an extra support person present during the labor and delivery. The music therapist provides in-person support with the implementation of the music, advocating for the mother, providing relief for the co-parent, and facilitating the womb song live after birth! Sound birthing consultation provides very similar pre-birth support; however, it is up to the co-parent to be the primary support during the labor and delivery. With SBC, the co-parent is provided with the tools and education on how to utilize the sound birthing playlists during

labor and delivery.

Last we discussed postpartum music therapy.

This service can be an incredible support for the new mother and baby! If it is the first baby, doubt often creeps in, second guessing, fatigue, and sometimes postpartum depression. Working with a music therapist can help support bonding between mother and baby, provide resources and tools to help with the new life shift, and be an experienced support for questions and reassurance. Music is a natural partner for child development, so introducing music therapy can help support and enhance the new baby’s development as well!

If you would like any more information about these services, please let us know! or 818-394-0649.

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