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Social Media Resources for Music Therapists

Updated: May 27, 2022

Can the internet be used as a resource? Is social media a tool?

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that having easy access to the internet is a privilege that is not experienced worldwide. I have always lived in places where I can log in, and owned a device that I can simply click an app. With this in mind, I felt it appropriate to recognize this and also think about how to be intentional with this privilege.

I use social media absolutely for the initial intended use to connect with friends and family and as a way to decompress and entertain. However, I found myself more and more, especially through the pandemic when I wasn't getting as much input in person from other music therapists, using the internet as a way to connect and learn what people were doing personally and professionally. I started in this profession a year or two prior to the pandemic but I feel the first five years in any profession are really crucial to feel established and connected. Social media provided a unique avenue, especially once the pandemic hit and people were turning to those online resources, to share the work they were doing.

In the past I think it was probably harder for music therapists across the country, and the world, to access new information or connect about the day to day experience. Additionally earning CMTE credits without the cost and time commitment of going to a conference or signing up for a journal was difficult. Online there are so many opportunities to earn credits and to engage in actual conversation, and get ideas to feel more motivated and excited for the profession. Everyone can experience a little burnout no matter what you do, and I think that social media has provided a unique way, when you're just feeling that little bit of a slump, to feel more motivated and connected.

Business owners use social media to connect with other entrepreneurs and to their clients. It's an accessible way to advertise and build community. As a business owner, you can tailor your page to your own style and personality, and as musicians, we can share what we do in more than just a picture!

I use online resources to look up songs and lyrics, and other session ideas. I often find myself in sessions, with older clients especially, where a client will suggest a song I've never heard of and I'll quickly look it up. I don't necessarily always play it right then, but I can search it and then once my day is done or when I'm doing other admin work I can return to it and listen to that song. I can then decide if it's one I want to learn or just to listen to that song and find connection or learn something new about that client.

As a community-based music therapist I spend a lot of time in the car and sometimes I get a little overstimulated listening to and playing music. I do turn to podcasts a lot, sometimes I use that time in between sessions to really just decompress and listen to something that's unrelated to music and just entertainment-based. I also use that time to learn about different topics or a specific music therapist I've heard about. There are ways to earn CMTE credits by listening to podcasts as well! So many music therapists are community-based, so it's a really wonderful opportunity to use that time in between our clients and still feel like okay we're using our entire work day.

In my opinion, the internet is a tool if used that way. In this chart, you will find the collection of sites I presented in my video, with information about what each page offers. Of course there are many incredible resources not listed here, but this can get things started! Happy connecting, learning, and scrolling!

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